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Meet Claudia

Hi, I'm Claudia

Here at Aras Body Contour we have developed a unique technique to give our clients the best results possible on their first visit. We take our time with each client to understand what they are looking to change and give them our recommendations by explaining how and what is the difference of each treatment, and what to expect during the treatment and after the treatment. We like to inform our clients about all the changes their body will go through.

At Our Studio

What We Do

We have combined lymphatic drainage with wood therapy also known as Maderoterapia. Wood therapy is done with wooden tools that help mold the body, drain and reduce circumference from your body. Each of our treatments focuses on the area of concern you have. We start off by warming up the area of concern, using hand movements and once the area of concern is warmed up we start using our tools to mold and to drain.

The Benefits

  • Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles

  • Burns Fat

  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

  • Eliminates Toxins

  • Speeds Up Metabolism

  • Breaks Down Cellulite

  • Tones, Tightens, and Reduces Circumference


Post OP Care Massages

This treatment main objective is to eliminate fluids and toxins that stagnate due to the rupture of lymphatic vessels in the areas surgery was performed.
It will reduce the possibilities of developing fibrosis and seromas.

  • 1 to 10 Post Op Messages

Four Body Contour Treatments

The body contour package is a combination of EITHER. Ultrasound cavitation, Radio frequency, Endermo therapy, Manual lymphatic massages and Wood therapy. This are a non-intrusive body-contouring techniques that uses specially shaped wooden pieces, such as rollers and suction cups, to massage the target areas, in an attempt to break down localized pockets of fat and cellulite so that they can be eliminated through the lymphatic system; it also stimulates blood circulation and cellular turnover rate in the massaged areas to tone and contribute to skin tightening.

  • 4 Body Contour Treatments To One Area

Hot Detox Sauna

Infrared sauna blanket detox wrapCleanse your body of built-up toxins and burn body fat. The Hot detox wrap will help you with metabolism, anti-aging, boost collagen and enhances your skins natural glow.It also has great health benefits like reducing inflammation and a stronger immune system.

Aras Full Body Contour

This treatment requires a consultation by phone and evaluation for pricing.


A bactial is a facial for your back. Claudia will carefully analyze your skin, paying particular attention to imbalances, seasonal changes and skin issues that wearing a faja can cause. Aromatic steam, dry brushing and a lymphatic massage are just a few of the many things in our Aras deeply relaxing and customized Bacials.


Like the skin on your face, the skin on your butt is prone to the same issues. Our Butt-cial will leave your butt feeling hydrated, smooth, firm and glowing. This treatment includes. Steam, customized scrub, mask and any necessary add on depending on skin condition.

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